Chemical Injection Quills from Saf-T-Flo
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Chemical Injection Quills from Saf-T-Flo

Chemical Injection Quills from Saf-T-Flo


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Chemical Injection Quills from Saf-T-Flo

When the critical flow of chemical slows, what’s the problem? Often it’s a scale buildup right at the point when the chemical enters the product flow. Do you have to depressurize the line? Have you been hit with a blast of water or worse? Have you taken a chemical bath?
Saf=T-Flo Retractable Injection Quills allow you to easily remove the quill without depressurizing the line (and with no leaks). You clean up the quill, replace it, and restart the chemical pump with the whole operation taking 5-10 minutes. Quick, Easy and Safe with Saf-T-Flo.
In addition, the chemical is injected right where it should be, in the middle of the flow, not on the edge!

Standard Service Quills


Heavy Service Quills


Saf-T-Flo Retractable Injection Quills

Saf-T-Flo 2

Don’t forget that Saf-T-Flo Injection Quills in New England are sold and supported by BAU/Hopkins – Your Chemical Feed Experts